A Few of My Favourite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
These are a few of my favourite things.

Actually, no. 

Geometric drawings and a mouse's trackball 
Solved rubik's cubes and an old locker dial 
A pizza holder upper tied up in strings 
These are a few of my favourite things.

A cat on a Mighty Beanz, an old pringles lid
Stretchy elastics that can easily be hid
Magnetic stuff, and stuff that have rings
These are a few of my favourite things.

Summer is Here!


Homopolar Motor

Have you heard of a homopolar motor? I didn't have a clue about it until my dad told me about it and this is what he said. He said a homopolar motor is a neodymium magnet under a battery. There's a copper wire on the battery. So the current in the battery and the copper wire makes a magnetic field that is repelling the magnet and there is a dent in the battery's positive side so it is just spinning around the magnet.

Stuffed Animals in Stories

There are stories with stuffed animals in them like Knuffle Bunny. Knuffle Bunny is Trixie's stuffed bunny that she got when she was about 4 and she carries everywhere and sleeps with. That reminds me of another story called Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin got Hobbes when he (Calvin) was born and he loves Hobbes just as much as Trixie loves Knuffle Bunny. The Calvin and Hobbes comics are so funny! 

I also think about the Velveteen Rabbit because  Hobbes and Velveteen Rabbit both come alive.

All the books are like real life because real people like to have stuffed animals too like dogs, cats, tv characters because sometimes it's comforting or to have something to play with.

Pictures I Drew

I borrowed books "How to Draw Insects" and "How to Draw Reptiles" and I followed the instructions. 

My Trip On a Jane's Walk

On Friday my dad and I went on a Jane's Walk. Jane's Walk is a walking festival that happens all around the world. On a Jane's Walk you get to know your neighbourhood better and you get to meet new people. They do things like look at art, buildings, trees and other stuff. On the walk that we went on, we went Geocaching

I was excited about it at first, but then after a while I started to get bored. And that's because it took too long and I didn't find anything, plus there was only one other person my age and I didn't talk to him. 

Geocaching is about looking for containers that other people have hidden. You can use a GPS to help you find the cache. There are many apps that you could use. The containers have surprises in them. If you want something from the container you can swap it for something you have. You can also sign the log book and read the story that someone put in there. But people don't always put a story in there. The other kid who was on the wal…

If Everyone Picked Up After Their Dog

I am responding to a Blog This, Kids prompt.

If everyone picked up after their dog, then there would be no poop on sidewalks or at the parks. People wouldn't wouldn't have to worry about their shoes. The place wouldn't be smelly and children playing with balls would be happier because the ball wouldn't roll in the stuff. I wonder if animals, like squirrels are bothered by dog it? People might come out more. People wouldn't need to put those pick-up-after-your-pets signs up. In the end, people would like their community more.